Hello,  I’m Stephen Kennicott, thank you for visiting our site! Kennicott Kuts is a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality flowers. We are a fourth generation specialty cut flower grower with 12 farms located in the USA and Chile. It is our honor and privilege to be able to bring our favorite farm stand flowers to you. I am personally thrilled that the demand for local continues to grow.

90% of our product is harvested and sold to the wholesale industry but now we’re opening our farms to you.  As we embark upon this new venture, we are using this site to help us communicate directly with you. Working directly with each other allows for greater clarity on when an item is being harvested, from what kind of soil, by whom, how it’s being packaged and delivered. It also provides the opportunity for amazing collaboration.

What makes Kennicott Kuts rise above the competition? Our involvement in every step of the flower lifecycle. This allows us to proactively monitor and fine tune the process from farm to table to ensure the highest quality of our flowers. We have been Midwestern flower producers and pioneers since 1836!

This direct-to-flower farmer relationship also provides a cost benefit to you, as we essentially nix the middle men. Currently we are at the tail end of our peony season in Chile. However we are in full production of willows and dogwoods at your Midwest farm locations. Available now are giant pussy willow, regular pussy willow, tinted pussy willow, scarlet and green curly willow, fantail willow, and red and coral dogwood.