Kennicott Kut’s full palette of perrenial colors, textures and fragrances allows you to create the arrangement of your dreams. Ribbon laced bouquets of willowy dahlias and tuberoses bring an air of elegance to your wedding theme. Alliums make a bold, modern statement at your special event.

Beautiful, locally grown Dahlia’s are available out of Wisconsin from July through the first week of October.  Cafe-au-Lait and Otto’s Thrill are two of our spectacular varieties. We also have tuberoses galore! They are one of the most elegant, pearl white flowers there is with an unforgettable fragrance.

When I was a young man, I remember every June going to the wholesale house and seeing pallets upon pallets of Allium Gigantum.  We can give you one better, Allium Globemaster is bigger and better than Gigantum!

Perennials are a sensory pleasure for floral enthusiasts!