Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!  They’re the jewel in the Kennicott Family crown. Our number one crop, with farms in North and South America.  Words can not describe their romantic ruffles, big buds and hues that range from the soft and pretty to the bold and seductive.

Starting with our Arkansas farm, in April those unforgettable, breathtaking peonies start blooming! Illinois, Wisconsin and UP Michigan all follow suit making our exquisite peonies available through June and into July.  In a effort to keep our beautiful brides happy, we have added partnership farms is Alaska to extend their availability through the balance of July and into August.

After a late summer and early fall break we kick back into action with our Chilean farms.  With two current locations in Temuco and Cohayque we have luscious peonies available from mid November until the second week of January to bring peonies for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Peonies symbolizes a happy marriage, good health, and prosperity!