Ornamental flowering shrubs is a great way to to glean from the forest and field. These hearty flowers are perfect for bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces, and stunning floral artwork to wear. What better way to honor the season than with plants that showcase the beauty of the natural world around us.

Kennicott farms are strategically located in Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula Michigan, so we can provide Lilac, Viburnum and Spirea from late March through early June. During the summer we harvest our Midwest paniculata Hydrangeas.  We also grow lush Annabelle, Bella Anna, Little Lamb, PeeGee, Limelight and Quickfire which are available from late June through to the first week of October.

Highbush Cranberry is available throughout the months of July an August and provides a wonderful, locally grown filler for your bouquets and arrangements. Piles of these, artfully arranged, can be a simple centerpiece or front door focus.

In September our Snowberry, Summer Wine Ninebark, Rose Hips and American Bitter ripen and ready. They can be tucked into an arrangement or even simply laying them upon a flat surface with a cluster of colored leaves can be quite beautiful.

If you’re looking for visual floral drama in big and small spaces, ornamentals are sure to inspire!